1+1 MobileProtect Offers Insurance for your Smartphone

We’ve seen how communication devices, like the mobile phone evolve from having the basic call and text features to a smartphone that can possibly replace any laptops. We’ve also seen these mobile phones incorporate hardware that protects the phone from accidental drops on the floor or splashed with liquid. As we rely on our smartphones to store our important data, whether they are business-related or personal, what we neglect is to get the uttermost protection for our prized investment. Nope, I am not talking about expensive protective cases or screen protectors. What I am talking about is getting an insurance for your mobile device, and thankfully Esquire Tech Group is offering 1+1 mobileprotect.

Esquire Tech Group started in Hong Kong in 2008 by its Chairman Stephen Khaw and has exponentially grown to also providing its services in other key markets in the Asia Pacific namely China, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and just recently in Vietnam. Esquire has extensive experience in providing customer service operations to the top mobile phone brands and Telco Companies in the APAC region.

Esquire began operating in the Philippines in 2016 and has partnered with Huawei for its exclusive after-sales support and trade-in program.

The company recognized a need to start offering a new service to Filipinos. Upon seeing how they value their smartphones, Esquire Tech Group chose the Philippines as the first country to offer 1+1 mobileprotect.

1+1 mobileprotect provides mobile phone users with a superior device protection program that offers Extended Warranty PLUS Accidental Damage Insurance. Smartphone users can enjoy peace of mind beyond the first year of enjoying their new phone. From the manufacturer’s warranty, 1+1 mobileprotect will extend the warranty for another year providing excellent after-sales service in the event that the customer would need to have their hone repaired.

With the Extended Warranty, 1+1 mobileprotect offers free pickup and delivery and assured that the phone will be repaired fast and returned on time.

The Accidental Damage Insurance covers:

  • Protection for your device against accidental damage not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Cracked display
  • Liquid damage
  • Broken housing & external parts

1+1 mobileprotect offers insurance to smartphones worth P20,000 up to P100,000. Here’s the price matrix shared by the Esquire Tech Group:

Price of PhoneExtended Warranty + Accidental Damage SRP

Esquire Tech Group has already offered this service as a white-label to the Philippines Telco Networks: SMART Communications and Globe Telecoms. This means, they’ve been doing this already locally for years, only to offer it this time to smartphone owners who didn’t acquire the phones through these networks.

The challenge for 1+1 mobileprotect is that the mentality of some smartphone owners who would rather buy a new phone in case theirs got damaged. Esquire Tech Group acknowledges this challenge and it’s all about having the right mindset.

Interested to have your smartphone covered by 1+1 mobileprotect? Visit https://1plus1.com.ph/ and get in touch with their representative today!

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