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The Underrated Flagship: ASUS Zenfone 5z Review

INTRODUCTION How fast time flies in the consumer electronics space just beggars belief. It wasn’t that long ago when I was debating with my friend-now-girlfriend whether the Zenfone 2 had 4GB of RAM or not (it was a huge number in 2016, believe me). Now though, we’re already…

ECooter Trendy Electric Scooter Now in PH

With prices of petrol still rising, we wish we have vehicles that run on electricity these days. We have yet to see an electric car to be available here and even if Tesla opens shop it would cost like a luxury car. While we wait for affordable electric…

1 Peso Per Minute Call to All Networks Soon – SMART

Ever since I shifted to a GSM mobile phone in 1999, I’ve always wished for affordable call rates. I loved texting at first, but when I shifted to a career that requires calling various people I became very reliant on voice calls. My current iPhone plan from Smart…